Police Board

Goals of the Halton Police Board

  • To serve you as a member of Halton’s safe communities through best-in-class, strategic police governance
  • To remain at the forefront of community safety service provision, through community safety/well-being planning, community engagement and research
  • To ensure the provision of adequate and effective police services to the citizens of Halton Region
  • To work with communities to maintain Halton’s ranking as Canada’s safest place to live, work, raise a family and retire
  • As the voice of police governance in Halton, respond to community needs and represent the public safety interest
  • To support and ensure the safety of front-line officers and police service members

Policing Priorities – 2017-2019

  • At a high level, the priorities of the Halton Police Board fall under the following themes:
    • Community Safety and Well-Being
      • The Halton Regional Police Service employs principles of risk-driven multi-sectoral collaboration to address a variety of police and community concerns. This approach was borne out of the realization that police needed to partner with external human service providers to address more complex issues impacting safety and well-being.

        Anti-social behaviours are rooted in a variety of issues, which often co-exist. To effectively address or prevent these situations, similarly complex strategies are needed. They require multi-sectoral support with aligned priorities and parallel programming.

        Currently, the Halton Regional Police Service is at the forefront of work designed to identify community risk factors and coordinate strategies to increase protective factors. Consequently, a community of practice intent on a safer and healthier community for all has been cultivated. This is the Halton Regional Police Service’s Strategy for Community Safety and Well-Being Planning.

        Input was received from community members in all four of Halton’s municipalities and a draft Community Safety and Well-Being Plan is being finalized. For more information about the Plan please visit: http://www.halton.ca
    • Outreach and Collaboration
    • Organizational Capacity
    • Organizational Excellence
  • For more information, see the Halton Regional Police Service Corporate Business Plan 2017-2019

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